My 2012 - The best year so far!

Japan • China • Chinese New Year • Last day of school & winter holiday
Malaysia • Seeing family again for a long time • Party glasses • China, back to school : (
My dad comes to visit • New phone • I finally got my monday school uniform • serious illnes for 3 weeks, lost a lot of weigt that time • Starting cooking classes
School trip • First REALLY hot day after winter • Got a crazy hat from restaurant owner • Loving the cooking classes
3 of my classmates birthdays, so party hard • Beijing, beijing, beijing • Happening at school • Thailand

Last weeks in China... • I luv blowjo- I mean, beijing. • Last cheap but good drunk in China • Almost got a boyfriend, had a date • Back home • Amazing midsummer party with my best friends in Finland! 
Dyed my hair back to blond • Used red haircolour for a first time • Pin-Up birthday party • Jyväskylä
Got a tattoo • Went to Kortteli Haipakka • Got clothes from yesstyle • That's all.

New furnitures  •  Finger got screwed • Extensions • Platina blond
Mid-Autumn festival parties • First time at gaybar • Started Dancing • Mexican parties
Halloween party • Hairdresser • Got tickets for BIGBANG • Made lots of sushi • Was really, really cold
My brother's birthday • My best friend's birthday • London trip • Bought a pink lipstick • Christmas in Sweden
Welcome 2013, I hope it to be even better. Even though it's really hard because this year was AWESOME.

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